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Released Apr 12, 2013
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More forest folk paths and blues meadows of the Finnish master. Simple but exceedingly powerful tunes from the places where deep meets wide. These tracks (all unreleased before) were compiled by Keijo himself from misc recordings made between 2009 and 2012.

"The Blues as the expression of a coherent poetics, or the ‘theory’ or how one can explain the meshing of technique with ideas and images, is based on a limited set of principles. “Midnight Truth: Billie Jo relates the bitterness she feels over her Ma's death, her father's indifference and the dust”. In The Blues these principles include the reconciliation of supposed opposites; repetition and variation, improvisation and planning, dialogue and monologue and progression and stasis. These principles all meet in the music of Keijo, with a perpetual memory tuned to The Blues eternally at play. In the music of Keijo dissonant forms communicate with each other; a wailing guitar is surrounded and given fresh meaning from a mass of insect-like pulses xylophone from deep in an imagined summertime forest. Attention to low-fi recording techniques gives a blues harp the scratchy wail of a treasured field recording, while drums and diaphragm-mic vocals bring the listener to some lonely railway siding in the mean summer of 1935. “Out of the Dust: Billie Jo sneaks out in the middle of the night with a little money and a little food.” It’s all the same in the temple of sound. It is not about either/or, it is about the balance and harmony of each part, growing and forming a single auditory space. The shadow and the shake, repeated cycles of sounds that expand outwards into improvised landscapes of color and light. “Gone West: Billie Jo has been on the train for two days. She's burned up and frozen.” There you find the moment of your own listening. It is there that time collapses and everything is true and everything is permitted. But nothing is real. Keijo produces here seven tracks of transportation. We go beyond time, here there is but the sound and how it hits you. This is tinder dry journey folk wandering out of the woods after hard seasons to take their chances on the road or the coast. Where travel and starvation are better than hanging on to hope and having nothing change. By learning the tempo of your own foot fall the heart can be stilled to a relaxed pace and the air becomes easier to breathe. The Blues becomes the rhythm of your body and you are healed; to the earth is born a true one. Shine on." James Barrett (aka Nada Baba) Stockholm Sweden April 2013.