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from the official website:The Kazoo Funk Orchestra formed in Scotland at the end of 2005 as a pre-apocalyptic merry-go-round collective, featuring musicians, anti-poets, dancers and finger painters. Building their melodies at a DIY project studio in producer Ray McCartney’s living room, the band exchanged influences and took inspiration from various genres to create their eclectic mix-tape sound.In May 2006, the band released their 25-track debut album, Midnight Finger Painter, in which the first 500 copies included a unique finger painting created by fans and band members. The album featured the infectious indie ditty, Baby You’ve No Eyes and psychedelic folk-hop
track, Disco Disco Disco Theque.The release of Midnight Finger Painter was followed by a handful of local gigs and then it was back into the studio for more recording sessions. Adventures in Fuzzy Felt Land, was released as a 13-track EP in January 2007, featuring the b-soul tinged, Did You Ever Get that Balloon I Sent You and sexy pop ditty, Dirty Dinners.In the summer of 2007, the collective packed themselves into a couple of wagons and took on their first UK tour including a couple festival dates. In an explosion of balloons and confetti, they turned each gig into a party inviting the crowd to join in on the fun. And with standing room only outside the Solus tent at the Wickerman Festival, the band secured the closing slot at the 2008 Wickerman Festival.During the frosty winter months of 2007-2008, the band hit the studio and gave birth to This Album is Self Titled, their second full-length album. The collection of melodies that make up the 50-track album, include Robots in Your Eyes, Battery Powered Radio, and the enchanting Carnivale. Initially released as a limited edition CD in July 2008, with a crayon in the spine and a colouring book as the insert, then later released as a digital download.The collective then took their show on the road once again, stopping at various festivals and live venues along the way. And with the addition of 6 new members to the band, not to mention more balloons, tinfoil and confetti than ever before, the live show became an experience not to be missed.Shortly after the band finished their tour, the BBC invited them up to Stornoway to record a live session for BBC Rapal. The session was aired on BBC Alba in January 2009.Previous members include: El Baterista, Blunder, Grum, Jim 'n' Tonic, Nunny Boy and Krash Slaughta.


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