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Resolution #9 2016 by Kathleen Martin

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This is a complete makeover of the short edition of my 9-minute Finnish forest meditation, Resolution #9, from March 30, 2013. It was my first composition to feature the Finnish harp (kantele) that JT commissioned for me, and it is dedicated to his mother, Anneli, in Finland. There is also a spare melodica part and some singing plus speaking vocals in both Finnish and English.

Alongside the original's field recording of the Finnish talitintti birdsong, I have now added field recordings of my acorn cap tweeting and some guttural harp-like sounds that I created on metal fencing in Bernheim Forest, KY, which add a sort of gentle forest roar. I removed the rice shaker sounds of the original and replaced them with a recording of our southern Indiana cicadas of August.

I composed this as a relaxation piece, and here is my pastoral poem to read as you listen:

POWER OF THREES [03/30/2013]

Please, come into the Finnish forest and see

A river runs through it — float down it with me,

Wade through the waterfall, laze in the lea.

Next nestle beneath the birch canopies

Lulled by the locusts and humming of bees.

Nod off to birdsong and whispering breeze.

Dream with the dryads of triads and trees.

Now gently awaken — three plucks, if you please

Refreshed and replenished, the Power of Threes.

Lyrics:Metsänpeittoon luokses sun / Metsänpeittoon unohdun

Dreaming sweet and breathing deep / Within blue and healing sleep

Kalevalaan unohdun /Kalevalaan luokses sun

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