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Downton Files [kat330 Mash-up] by Kathleen Martin

Album Description

(I trust my Playlist title cf. isn't lost on everyone ("If 6 Was 3" formerly), otherwise the Grammar Puss in me would go with subjunctive, as in, "If 8 WERE 4." ;)  [See individual track notes and headphones please!] Included here are now four examples of my mix-mashing techniques. The
second and fourth tracks happened from the serendipity of hearing the mashed pieces within close enough time proximity for the earworms to meet and greet. Track #3 was a surprise birthday gift for my Finn-friend Hunaja, where I'm doing my own arrangement and performances of bits and pieces of the two mashed compositions. SOURCES: Don't Dust Up Our Love: Don't Renege on Our Love by Richard & Linda Thompson plus Dust by Parquet Courts Downton Files: X-Files theme by Mark Snow plus Downton Abbey theme by John Lunn. (God Only Knows) You Make Me Feel: God Only Knows by Brian Wilson & Tony Asher plus (You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman by Carole King & Gerry Goffin. Rogue World: Rogue River Suite theme by François Tétaz plus the performance of Roland Orzabal's (Tears for Fears) Mad World by Gary Jules.



Track Info

While most of US tuned into that ball-maul Bowl Sunday eve [Feb 7, 2016], JT and I caught up with Scully & Mulder's latest reincarnation, followed by the newest Abbey episode. If not for this viewing serendipity, quite possibly my keen ear would never have connected the dots—dots as ♪♪ in this case—to produce this latest Kat Mash. And yes, those are my own "la-la-las" at the end. It was a seamless quickie both in length and in time taken to turn it out. Credits: X-Files theme by Mark Snow, and Downton Abbey theme by John Lunn. Artwork by JT Lindroos
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