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Don't Dust Up Our Love [kat330 Mash-up] by Kathleen Martin

Album Description

Recorded:July 7th, 2017

(I trust my Playlist title cf. isn't lost on everyone ("If 6 Was 3" formerly), otherwise the Grammar Puss in me would go with subjunctive, as in, "If 8 WERE 4." ;)  [See individual track notes and headphones please!]

Included here are now four examples of my mix-mashing techniques. The second and fourth tracks happened from the serendipity of hearing the mashed pieces within close enough time proximity for the earworms to meet and greet. Track #3 was a surprise birthday gift for my Finn-friend Hunaja, where I'm doing my own arrangement and performances of bits and pieces of the two mashed compositions.


Don't Dust Up Our Love: Don't Renege on Our Love by Richard & Linda Thompson plus Dust by Parquet Courts

Downton Files: X-Files theme by Mark Snow plus Downton Abbey theme by John Lunn.

(God Only Knows) You Make Me Feel: God Only Knows by Brian Wilson & Tony Asher plus (You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman by Carole King & Gerry Goffin.

Rogue World: Rogue River Suite theme by François Tétaz plus the performance of Roland Orzabal's (Tears for Fears) Mad World by Gary Jules.

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Track Info


I happened to catch Parquet Courts' track "Dust" on local radio recently and immediately was reminded of Richard & Linda Thompson's "Don't Renege on Our Love" from their "Shoot Out the Lights" album. With some editing and a slight tempo change of "Dust," this mash-up was born. I hope you find the end result interesting, and please check out the artists' tracks individually, too!  xxxooo

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