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Dough-re-mi by Kathleen Martin

Album Description


Nov 9, 2016: If I never waken from this nightmare, or we find out Putin put in his two rubles to alter results, or that reality is all some elaborate ruse soon to be unraveled, well, frankly Canada may not be far enough away. My husband loves the USA as much as I do, enough to leave Finland and become a naturalized US citizen in 2007, but now it is all beyond the pale and turned into a very ugly shade of orange.

If results are legit, it had to be women who were traitors to their own best interests, and this saddens me deeply. How much self-contempt, how much subconscious hatred for the bodies they were born into did it require ever to vote for such an unevolved entity (I just can't call him a human being)? Shame on my tribe for hurting us all without considering the bigger picture. I've often said women are their own worst enemies in this country -- maybe worldwide, too -- and this travesty may be confirmation. My heart is broken ...

[Original notes updated August 2016] I recorded this ditty back in March 2015 in the tradition of a 20th C. protest song while having some extra fun with instrumentation and various musical allusions. At that time I could never have suspected—not even in my wildest nightmares—that a template for my initial inspiration could ever actually be nominated as the presidential candidate of a major US political party! Lumped with so many other heinously ignorant, unjust and horrific events of 2015-16, it can be understood only in the context of some virulent strain of planet insanity.

My lyrics are not at all an indictment of middle-aged white men in general; after all, I'm happily married to a wonderful one (who's thankfully also a feminist)! No, my chant here invokes the patriarchal, greedy breed of white middle-aged men who are "doughy" in both form and finances, an ever-expanding waste of bankers and politicians on local, state and national levels who overpower opposition spinning a Turdblossom stench; ANTI-Robin Hoods taking from the poor to give to the rich. A few templates of inspiration for what "Ailes" US include the conspicuously rich, like The Donald, along with power Muppet Mitch McConnell; also a variety of Dicks and attorneys, Koch Bro's and Bernies (who made off with millions, but at least mostly by stealing from the rich).

DWM-aM have enjoyed a very long run (and could certainly benefit from one), but it's long past the tipping point for a major sea change more in accord with Mother Earth. The time is ripe to shake the trees so the rotten do-nothing legislators and financial dough nuts fall to the ground for fertilizer until a rose grows on Wall Street. Take courage and be encouraged: it's not a matter of IF ever there will be gender equality for US, it's only a matter of when.

Beyond the Planet of Doughy White Middle-aged Men Is a Major C Change in a Chord with Mother Earth

Doughy white middle-aged men

RUN the world, run the world

Doughy white middle-aged men

RUN this world we live in.

Doughy white middle-aged men

RULE the world, rule the world

Doughy white middle-aged men

RULE this world we live in.

Doughy white middle-aged men

RUIN the world, ruin the world

Doughy white middle-aged men

RUIN this world we live in.

So doughy white middle-aged men

RUN the world and RUIN the world

Doughy white middle-aged men

RULE this world we live in.

But we will not give in!

They RUN this world together,

But they won't forever!               © KAM 2015

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