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An Apology is Necessary

Album Description

This anthology covers the first three years of the legendary Dutch project Kapotte Muziek, created by Frans De Waard."Yes it is. You are about to hear and view material that was released by Kapotte Muziek in 1988. It was an anthology of works from the first three and half years of existence. A lifetime it seemed back then, a mere drop in time when I look back on it now. I compiled this tape in 1988 for the US branche of my label Korm Plastics, run by Jeff Surak, who was the driving force behind Destruktive Technologies Foundation.I went back
to the archives of Kapotte Muziek and dug out some of the original artwork produced for some of these tracks. In those days your compilation cassette was not complete with a black and white xeroxed booklet. I either had some drawing or some text or some image. I also produced some postcards and in my naïve youth I used skulls and pictures of naked women: things I wouldn't do now, or in a more thought-out context at least. You'll find these postcards and flyers in the mixed media part of the CD. The original cassette came with a booklet and I use the same linernotes here, but some slight alternation here and there. Here it goes... This anthology from Kapotte Muziek is covering up the first period of the existence of this group. Group? In the first years the group existed out of two people, whilst now there is only one, or better: we are all Kapotte Muziek. Kapotte Muziek started as the invention of Christian Nijs and Frans de Waard. The reason was not at all the urge to start a band but the necessity of making a track for a compilation done by Frans de Waard (being Katacombe Vol.3). After this track we decided to do some more, because Christian had a guitar, tapedeck and during a journey by train he had found a violin bow. This shows already we didn't had many instruments, never will have. We could always borrow things from friends. "


UPLOADED: 02/17/2010

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