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 Kandia Crazy Horse (1 Albums, 6 Tracks)


KANDIA CRAZY HORSE’s unique, eclectic country & western sounds are conjured from a gypsy childhood rooted between the cross-Atlantic poles of Southeast America’s Red Road and several African nations near the Bight of Benin. Raised largely by her grandmothers from Appalachian Virginia – hence the country gospel, Native Americana &
Scotch-Irish mountain music influences – and southwest Georgia – responsible for the deep twang & red clay folk roots – while her parents followed their own revolutionary arrows, Sister Crazy Horse began to sow the seeds of her own take on country music’s aesthetics and stories during contraband viewings (she & her twin sister were largely forbidden television) of classic American horse operas, her favorite show Hee-Haw, Ellis Haizlip’s Soul!, Soul Train & vital, ecstatic hollerin’ time spent in her grandaddy Rev’s Daugherty County, Georgia church. All of this perpetual songcatching was also shaped by an exclusive education in several international schools including Mali’s École Liberté A and Maryland’s Lycée Rochambeau – topped by a BFA degree in cinema from New York City’s School of Visual Arts, wherein she delivered award-winning western screenplays. Crazy Horse has always been a devoted radio baby empowered to be creatively fearless by the freedom of 1960s-70s recordings & the era’s maverick dial jocks like Chocolate City’s fabled “The ‘Bama.” And her long spell as a pioneering, American rambling woman scribe on the New South rock & roll scene ultimately resulted in her 2014 debut album, released to press plaudits including a 4-star review from England’s revered music bible MOJO Magazine: STAMPEDE (Stampede)