[from Google Translate] "Kakurenbo" is electronic music unit by the duo. I have formed in two of Quoi who had…

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Yukiai No Sora 2013 - Album
[from Google translate] The release of the 117 th, "Colors of seasons" (it was released simultaneously from Hand Craft records…



happypuppyrecords Jan 05, 2014

Chris - you can email the group their contact page: http://kakurenbokkrnb.wix.com/kakurenbo#!contact/cvrh or through their bandcamp page: http://bandcamp.com/contact?b=2557461507&n=Kakurenbo

chrisjarvis213 Jan 05, 2014

what is your email address, I can't get hold of you through your website I would lie to use your music for my business. many thanks

nestronaut Sep 26, 2013

Phenomenal. I created an account just to praise your work. I appreciate that your work is minimal, but still has allowed to feel as peace. Thank you, Alex