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 Kakitsubata (Sylvie Walder + _) (1 Albums, 13 Tracks)


LOCATION:France Japan
  • Sylvie Walder
  • _
Sylvie Walder discovered "_" 's music on myspace and was struck by its weirdness and intimacy. A friend request was sent and the two began to share music and thoughts.The idea of remixing each other finally emerged. "_" had already released an album on Rack and Ruins records. Sylvie decided
to take the chance and try to make "_ "'s raw music sound totally different. It was indeed a kind of "tour de force" to make an ambient album out of this really raw material, using only minimal equipment, and adding no extraneous sounds. It finally resulted in 13 melancholic tracks. The initial sound has been softened to create a really gentle drifting atmosphere which, combined with the titles, should work as little paintings of an imaginary "vie quotidienne". Sylvie Walder just wanted to make "_" a musical gift. But the two thought it could be interesting to release this music and let a wider audience be aware of the project.Sylvie Walder works alone or with others using mainly field recordings and drones. There's no particular aim in sw's music. It sounds "ambient" today, it could sound totally different tomorrow. The aesthetics though remain quite firm: the fields, the trees, the clouds, Knut Hamsun.About _:1. I can't play musical instruments.2. I'm a student studying Japanese contemporary literature.3. So I don't know a theory of the music at all.4. I don't have most of the machine for recording.5. I hardly know English.6. All my music is certain plagiarism.7. Thank you.


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