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Aντιφαντασιωβίωση by Kοκκαλα

Album Description


Antifantasioviosi (a merge of the words fantasy and antibiotics) 
is a rock opera of insufficiency, a Modus ponens of anarchic composition, true punk attitude and insignificant intentions.


Playing with the banality of a pop rock "hit" and the idea of creating art in order to be absorbed, praised, welcome, bought, 
'Liked' in general, 
deforming it's structure, replacing guitar solos with commercial cultural elements,
vocals with wind burns, heart warming catchy lyrics with field recordings of situations, melody with absurdness, 
using arythmic drum sequences, keyboards played with feet while breaking eggs, recording sessions 
disrupted by friends calling via mobile phones and poetic titles, the "against" now "becomes".


A travesty of audio pop culture aesthetics -a travesty as an entity, a beautiful unruly rich alive, playful entity who doesn't


All recordings took place July and August 2014 in Thessaloniki and mountain Olympus Greece.
Akis Karanos ( Tumblr )
Voula Frasiola
guests: George Zahos
Anestits Tetsuo



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