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hamar 261005 by Justice Yeldham

Album Description


LIVE IN SCHOOL, 7" ltd 400 copies. (load records). 2007.
Two shows in two education facilities. Two schools of thought Analog or Digital. Two sides of a record. Who will win? Which Justice track sounds better, pedals or laptop computer? To vote on our exclusive poll simply purchase the record from Load today and vote on which side rules. The winner (drawn randomly from voters on the winning side) will receive a free live presentation by Justice Yeldham* in their home, in their preferred style.

Side A – 172 MADISON 310305. ANALOG.
Recorded at a student co-op in the college town Madison Wisconsin. Pretty much a straight forward Yeldham set, made a bunch of noise blowing and sucking on a sheet of broken glass, chewed on it, smashed the sheet over his head, bled a little, hardly anyone showed up and even one of his hosts went home early. Miserable school kids on a miserable school night.

Side B – 212 HAMAR 261005 DIGITAL.
Recorded at the fame style, Toneheim Folkehøgskole musical highschool in Hamar Norway. Originally booked to play some stupid arts centre that luckily was double booked with more important people. Fortunately our host worked at the school and managed to move the gig to the assembly hall, and even better yet forced the entire student body to watch! Giving us the biggest audience for the entire Scandinavian tour. The kids loved it the joy was enough to make some faint and others sick.


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