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LOCATION:Tokyo, Japan
JUNICHI USUI was born in Tokyo, Japan in 1977. Junichi has studied violin(Western classical at the beginning, but turned to fiddle style as Celt, Roma, Middle east to India), electric guitar(rock, pops, punk, metal), sh?(gagaku mouth organ, ancient court music), folk songs(esashi oiwake, taish? enka) at several private music lessons. From 2002, he has held many indie music events in Tokyo which covers traditional music around the world, avant/experimental music, noiz, rock, improvisation and indie film along his own activities in music and professional web design works. From 2014, he started to perform outside of Tokyo, such as Nagoya, Tohoku,
Osaka, Yamaguchi in Japan and Korea, New York City, Italy outside of Japan. His musical vision is
1) To let music lively, not to belong to written pieces
2) Keeping an identity as Japanese, but never to repeat the cliches
3) To avoid any pedantic styles not only for music, but artwork, usual behavior, utilizing Web/IT technologies    


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