Julius Hemphill Sextet

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The Julius Hemphill Sextet was composer Julius Hemphill’s final achievement in his defining work with saxophone ensembles. Formed to play Hemphill’s intricate, six-part works for saxophones from baritone to soprano, the Hemphill Sextet continues to tour and keep alive the composer’s legacy and unique, carefully-crafted style of jazz arrangement and composition. Today, the group is lead by musical director Marty Ehrlich, on alto and soprano saxophones. An original member of the Julius Hemphill Sextet, Ehrlich has been actively conducting and performing Hemphill’s music since 1997. The ensemble’s current members also includes saxophonists Matana Roberts, Andy Laster, J.D. Parran, Andrew White and Alex Harding, all accomplished players in their own right. The Sextet’s most recent album, The Hard Blues: Live in Lisbon, was released in 2004 and is available for download from Amazon.com.