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Exotica 2010 - Album
EXOTICA by the Juanitos has something for all fans of space age pop, funky '60s soul and now sounds, surf…



katya-oddio Mar 21, 2013

Love the videos! Excellent work, samoos.

cameralibre Mar 20, 2013

Thanks for the great music! I used 'Jimmy H. Boogaloo' in in a video about a 3D printing workshop: http://yearofopensource.net/building-the-reprap-prusa-i3-3d-printer/

katya-oddio Jul 18, 2012

Of the more than 50,000 tracks on the FMA, the Juanitos "Exotica" is rated #1 ALL TIME in the Free Music Archive Charts! Viva los Juanitos!

douglasawh Jun 01, 2012

We've talked a couple times about having you guys on our podcast (Music Manumit Podcast). We should try again to arrange something!