Jonny Chan and the New Dynasty 6

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'60s-esque garage/punk outfit Jonny Chan and the New Dynasty 6 found
each other in New York City, 1994. Chan, former frontman of Detroit
rockers The Covingtons, put together a new band modeled on early punk
and glam. They released their only official record, So… You Want
Action. on Dionysus in 1998. Original drummer Tripp Fontaine left the
band in 2000 and was replaced by the mighty Joe Vincent, who had just
left the Prissteens. This line-up recorded the unreleased second LP "I
Hate You Baby." The band reformed for a few gigs in 2007 and 2008 -- it
featured the original line-up with the addition of Johnny Vendetta on
third guitar and Mike Sin on drums replacing Joe Vincent.
-Terre T