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Gripped by Jonathan Kane's February

Album Description

Jet Ear Party, Jonathan Kane's second full-length release, is a masterpiece of raw, ass-thumping Americana that shakes the meat right off the bone. With guest appearances from members of his live band, February, Kane barrels into these eight tracks like a freight train. He lunges at breakneck boogies and tom-driven
swamp stomps with equal abandon. In a radical departure, he tones down his mojo long enough to accommodate female vocals for a breathlessly sexy, overtone-drenched soul ballad. Kane even pilots hardcore R&B a la Wilson Pickett into the Creedence bayou for a sweat-soaked cover of Sly Stone's 'Thank You Fallettinme Be Mice Elf Agin' -- and it's got a freak-out bagpipe solo that would make The Stooges proud. Seriously, he's not holding anything back."