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X Members No Peddlers 1999 by Jonah Rapino

Album Description

Label:Mass Dist

Let us celebrate my hero, Jonah Rapino.

His music is light years ahead, I'll explain.

Jonah, I think, is a musical visionary, in that, he see’s music, and this includes an advanced mind when it comes to writing, arranging, producing, performing, editing, the whole nine. I've sat beside him many times making records, and to see him sculpt the sound, hearing things that you can't hear, creating future music, has endlessly inspired me. And let it be known that Jonah is my partner here at Mass Dist so bear with my bias. But his body of music represents boundless creativity and forward thinking. Within these projects Jonah has experimented with live quadrophonic sound, DIY visuals, theatrics, costumes, string ensembles, electronics, etc, and his sublime production. He was way ahead of, not only his friends, but the scene, in general. And best of all - the music. Jonah is a violinist, so prepare to be entertained by violin over beats, people. He's trying new things. Curently, Jonah has moved on to Ethiopian Orchestras, Big Time Movie Soundtracks, and his beloved Devil Music, but maybe if we scream loud enough he’ll humor us with new diy recordings. Jonah! Jonah! Jonah!

And now, on the Free Music Archive, Jonah Rapino's Complete Mass Dist Works:

New Millenium String Band

New Millenium String Ensemble 1

New Millenium String Ensemble 2

Music For String Quartet

Berbere Superstar

Question Band

Adventures In Flying Soundtrack

Ex Members

Filthy La Bottom



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massdist on 01/24/13 at 08:44PM
Jonah is a great songwriter and violinist. And a powerful singer! This record was a big deal to some of our friends in ’99 / 2000. I think it was the first time that we made a clean recording, one with a nice vibe that could carry you through. Not a psychadelic lo fi mess, an actual album. There are 26 songs on this bad boy, but it has a clear yet abstract theme, and its pure Jonah. Go deep on this record. But if you need a single, maybe go for the majestic “Britten” or for fun as hell “Judds.” Jonah continues to make great music in films, with Devil Music and Debo Band, and on his own.

And I wanna thank Northern Spy Records for helping me my music up here! And I wanna thank Free Music Archive for having me!

Colin L. 2013
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