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 Jon Worthy and the Bends (1 Albums, 9 Tracks)


LOCATION:Nashville, TN

Jon Worthy began in March 2015 after Jon had a bunch of songs that hadn’t been learned by his other musical project, but that he felt needed to come to life through a full band. Without having played a show, Jon put together a band and recorded his 6 song EP, “Unconventional” at The Bomb Shelter in east Nashville with bassist Nick Dibiasio and drummer Grant Bramlett. Eventually, Jon was able to put a band together and start playing some shows around Nashville with bassist Austin Mcfall and drummer Aj Wilder. The Band played around Nashville for 6 months or so and then started recording their first full length album, “May You Live Happily Ever After”. On their second album, the band was able to capture a lot of the loud to soft moments that they love so much in rock music, especially on the tracks “Like the Wind” and “I do Abide”. The Band released the album in October 2016 with an album release show at The East Room in Nashville. The album has received positive reviews including one from Andrew Westberry of the music blog “No More Division” who had this to say on the album; “Overall, May You Live Happily Ever After is a masterful album, and the stylistic and artistic choices Jon Worthy continuously makes throughout his music is evidence of his natural talent and honed skills that have converged into his spectacular project”. The group also known as the Bends has settled on the lineup of Jon Worthy (Vocals/Guitar), Austin Mcfall (Bassist), and Mike Sanborn (Drums). 2018 saw the release of Jon’s second full-length album Only A Dream. Recorded with Lincoln Parish of Cage the Elephant at his studio in Nashville, TN the album has some unique and wide ranging songs from Jon Worthy. Current political issues as well as finding your own balance in life are the main themes on this album. Skope Magazine had the following to say about the album, “Lyrics have a mellowed poetic quality to them, for his voice delves into a reassuring comforting tenor. Best of all is how these many elements come together: the infectious rhythms, the memorable memories, and the sing-along lyrics”. Jon has already begun recording his follow up to Only A Dream. If you like the music, do us a favor and share it with your friends and family and come out and watch us play live! We hope you find a connection to the music, and love the emotions certain songs bring out in you, as much as we do. Catch the band on the road this summer and in to the fall on one of their many tour dates coming up.

With peace and grooves

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Only A Dream
02. Help Me (03:56)
03. Have It Your Way (03:31)
04. Only A Dream (03:31)
05. Please Tell Me (03:04)
06. A Life I Believe (03:04)
07. You Afraid (02:47)
08. Holding Me Down (03:28)
09. So Alive (04:23)


thisisforyourmemberprofile on 12/16/18 at 10:32PM
Wow, your music is amazing.
Redneck_don on 04/04/19 at 05:00AM
It's really wrong to claim your music can be used with attribution then file a copyright claim against a video that is uploaded to youtube using that music under the CC 4.0 copyright license.
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