Joëlle Léandre

French double bass player, improviser and composer, Joëlle Léandre is one of the dominant figures of the new European music.…

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Live at ISSUE 6/30/10 2010 - Album
From a solo bass performance at ISSUE Project Room, 6/30/10.



dbarbiero May 15, 2012

A delightful, robust sound. Wonderful to have here.

zignoto Aug 01, 2011

forget NYC, i'm going to Mills! i wanted to anyway...

zignoto Jul 30, 2011

i play double bass, whenever you are in the USA again, maybe we can play together? i have people to stay with in NYC, if you go there. you are an amazing player!!!

opitzs Jul 16, 2010

Simply breathtaking! Thank you so much!