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Songs of the Highlands by John Roach

Album Description

Songs of the Highlands - Cover
Songs of the Highlands - Lead insert
Songs of the Highlands - Scotchbox

Songs of the Highlands CDR release packaged with a 1/8" lead sheet hand-punched with letters and edition number

Description All of the sounds heard on Songs of the Highlands were generated with an instrument called The ScotchBox, one of my many sound sculptures / instruments. The ScotchBox consists of a tin box strung with rubber bands and amplified via two piezo pickups. The bands are bowed with plastic and metal rods and plucked and caressed with motors to create an expansive array of tones and timbres.Songs of the Highlands aspires (as with all of my work in installation, sculpture, video and audio) to transform ordinary objects into new, unexpected and active entities. Even the enigmatic titles of the pieces on this CD are culled from the copy printed on the tin box which originally housed a bottle of Glenlivet scotch. When paired with the sounds heard here, titles such as "Converted to an airfield", "Introduction of steel shafts" and "Lone Ailsa Craig" take on a new life worlds away from their original commercial context.



Songs of the Highlands

Songs of the Highlands by John Roach is licensed under a Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 United States License.
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