John Harrison with the Wichita State University Chamber Players

John Harrison is Concertmaster of the Wichita Symphony Orchestra (WSO), Electrical and Computer Engineer at PWI Inc, Lecturer at Wichita…

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The Four Seasons (Vivaldi) 2011 - Album
RECORDING DETAILS John Harrison, violin, with Robert Turizziani conducting the Wichita State University Chamber Players. Live, unedited performance at the…



bollaverde Jul 27, 2018

John replied to me via mail: 'I've never heard of Haawk so definitely they are stealing.'

bollaverde Jul 27, 2018

Hi there, just to check, did you ask haawk to keep track of youtube use? I used your track Autumn_Mvt_1_Allegro (with Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 International License) here: and now I have a copyright infringement claim... I need to know if...

xpedal Mar 29, 2018

I tried to use "Summer" on my free amateur documentary and i got a copyright notice. Violin Concerto In G Minor, Op. 8/2, RV. 315 - 'The Four Seasons - Halloween All-Stars Sound recording 1:25:45 - 1:26:17 play match The...

douglasawh Oct 15, 2017

I'd love to get you on my podcast for an interview. Details @ -- We'll figure out a date if you're interested.