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LOCATION:Jyväskylä, Finland
"I hope Finnish underground is developing into a more pluralistic and anti-elitist way. Scene should have it's ears ready and open for constant pattern-breaking in order to prevent formation of genre specific circles or labels. I would like to hear much more new experimental electronic/computer music, as cheap computers that
can nowdays create wonders, with an amount of imagination, are now available to almost everyone. Internet is the future of music releasing as cd-players seem to be already vanished and soon everyone has their smartphones with internet access.  I hope there would be good portals and websites connecting all that's happening now into collected networks of artists, like this compilation project, and especially when the internet is at the moment mostly full of garbage. I am myself mainly locally active in the Jyväskylä scene but also play random gigs around the country with different bands. In addition to creating music I am also developing radically new music software, away from traditional linear techno/beat principles." — JK