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LOCATION:Santiago, Chile

Since 2005, Jimmy Watt is a Visual artist and a Sononautic of Santiago, Chile.

His sound work methodology focuses mainly on the capture, extraction, editing and storage of audio samples from different sources : records on the street, dialogues extracts, audiovisual edits and converts of radio signals, etc.

He transforms relentlessly, curtails, beheads and sews soundworks from different backgrounds and authors, into a resulting "sound narration" split into parts.

His creative concepts pursues mysticism, the occult, time, religions, the process that leads to contemplation, the silence, the pause, the suspension, death and upstarts.


"I don't see myself as music, I don't feel musical, I don't position myself musically. 

I don't think musically, I'm more close to the investigation, to the pamphleteer, the readymade and the situation.

No rhythm and no melody that dominates the whole picture. It's like being in a large room without light. You need to touch the walls and artifacts that fill the room to feel welcome in the position and perspective." 

Jimmy Watt.


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Jimmy Watt - "Jimmy Watt Abarca - The Tragedy Phenomena (extract)" (08:26)
Jimmy Watt - "Jimmy Watt Abarca - The Tragedy Phenomena (extract)" (08:26)


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