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 Jermaine Riley (4 Albums, 13 Tracks)


LOCATION:London, United Kingdom
British-bred singer/song writer (and former 1/3 of UK R&B group FDM), Jermaine Riley has been looking up to many a hero of R&B/pop culture for quite some time now. Michael Jackson being the first, as Jermaine spent hours in front of the TV as a child, emulating the icon. "I
wouldn't go anywhere without my white socks and black plimsoles, it didn't matter what else I was wearing." he says. "I wanted to be him." With MJ at the top, this list soon grew, along with his anticipation to see his very own name on it.    Fast forward to adulthood; hundreds of shows, several tours, a few music videos and an everlasting back catalogue of songs later and you will find Riley flying the skies once again, stronger than ever.   "Making music and being on stage performing come 2nd nature to me… but doing it by myself makes everything new again."   An adept dancer and entertainer (not to mention a professional graphic designer, creating all his album artwork and promotional designs), Jermaine's song writing and signature tone have garnered the acclaim of fans, artists and producers far and wide. Most recently, such noteworthy talent skipped managers and publishers but landed him on platinum UK rapper Chipmunk's new album Transition, as the voice behind the emotive autobiographical track "Then And Now". Giving him the boost he needed amidst turbulent times. "I wrote that when I was broke!" he exclaims. "The irony of it becoming my first major song placement is crazy to me."   Now, amidst penning songs for many different artists and producers, both upcoming and established, Riley has unleashed a trilogy of conceptual bodies of work to date; Goodbye Krypton: The Mixtape (2008), Nine Ten Eleven: The Refixes (2011) and the critically acclaimed Hello Earth (2012), which he insists the world refer to not as a mixtape, but a 'free album'.   "It's all original material this time. I think its quality enough to allow people to put the album stamp on it, despite it being free... "Mixtape" makes it sound disposable to me and I want people to pay attention."   Sprinkled with a star-studded cast of producers (Harmony, Dready, Parker & James) and several notable features from upcoming talent, Hello Earth has achieved over a staggering 150,000 downloads online, with an influx of devoted fans showing sincere support since Jermaine’s FDM days. Consequently capturing the attention of Japanese independent label P-Vine Records and placing the project on shelves in over 600 record stores across Japan. The self-penned offering definitely set a positive tone for his latest set of ear-pleasing "refixes", entitled Ten Eleven Twelve, which sees him set his Superman moniker aside for the first time to focus on the real 'Jermaine Riley'.    “I’m really excited for my supporters to hear this particular project because I touched upon my reality. Whether it’s a serious subject or more tongue-in-cheek, I think the overall project is a great set up for future projects. If you love R&B and enjoy story-telling, I believe you’ll love this.”   With everlasting creativity, an unwavering work ethic and a 2nd album set for 2013, Jermaine Riley's potential for superstardom is substantially apparent.  Up, up and away... (