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Find Love by Jeremy Allingham

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Released:2016-03-18   "Jeremy Allingham carves out his own space amongst rock's greats with his latest LP, 'Memory Electric' " -Exclaim! Magazine"Watch for Vancouver's Jeremy Allingham's star to rise. Start to finish you'll love the diversity of his debut LP "Memory Electric"." -Todd Hancock (Host, TODDCast Podcast)"Great song writing is born of
two things-a passion for one’s subject, and a dedication to the craft itself. Jeremy Allingham demonstrates this passion and dedication to song writing on his new album “Memory Electric,” and weaves a compelling narrative in the process." -Red on Black Music"The storytelling in his lyricism is a standout, as Allingham’s versatile vocals tackle the grittiness and vulnerability of human belonging, to climate change and inner revelations." -Permanent Rain Press