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 Jason Shaw (2 Albums, 62 Tracks)

  • Jason Shaw

"Jason Shaw began studying music at 10 years old with the clarinet and would eventually add the guitar, piano, bass, drums, dobro, harmonica, and singing to the mix. Touring with several show bands with Panco Entertainment Productions in the 80’s. Jason not only honed the art of precise ensemble playing, but also found himself learning the equipment and eventually mixing for the bands as well.  

In the 90’s Jason began to take audio engineering seriously, and studied the craft of engineering and production under Marshall Block (real ii reel studio Fenton MI), who served on the board of directors at the Recording Institute of Detroit. Jason has also earned an advanced mixing technology certificate under Hans Martin Buff at the School of Audio Engineering. Buff has worked with such artists as Prince, and The Scorpions, to name a few. 

In addition to Jason’s extensive experience and education in the recording arts, he has also mixed and produced scores of musicians and singer songwriters, both locally and over the internet. Drop us an e-mail and let’s turn your ideas into finished music for the world to enjoy!"



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mpschoney on 09/30/11 at 10:45PM
This is absolutely a great pair of albums!! without question...Jason Shaw = TALENT! nice work!
timdax on 05/27/12 at 03:29PM
brother Jason, thank u for ur soul man. no doubt. Quality. :) :) :) all the best!
03 on 01/19/13 at 02:27PM
Hi there,
I used your music for a film on youtube. It's a personal thing with no commercial purpose. Your song "river meditation" starts at 7:48. Let me know if you think attribution is OK. Video is here
I thought you might like to know. Cheers
Traffic187 on 06/17/13 at 01:46PM
Hi Jason, thank you for allowing for commercial use. I have a very early on youtube channel "talesoftardis" I will be using your tracks there so thanks for making them available. If I become rich and famous I will keep you in mind, lol. All the best any issues using your tracks let me know I have followed the rules on youtube and here so home I am fine. ( Starting to use this week for the 24th June going forward)
gloeilamp on 08/31/13 at 02:13PM
Hi Jason,

For an informative science video (non-commercial), I really like to use your song called 'Glitch'. Unfortunately the online version of this song is 16 seconds. I can not believe the song is that short, while it's so good!

When there is a longer version of this song, can you please share it with me?

I'd like to here from you! Greetings from Holland (Europe)
WaterStreetSolutions on 09/10/13 at 05:57PM
Great stuff, Jason! I used two of your tracks, "Lazy Day" and "Back To the Woods" in a short DVD introducing my client's farming operation to a landowner they'd like to purchase additional land from. The seven-minute video was part of their bidding package. I credited you for the music in the video. Thanks for making these tracks available.
agik on 04/17/14 at 09:16AM
Hi Jason,
I used your track 'THINGAMAJG' in one of my recent films 'Inside The Reveal' I have credited you in the credits.
Thank you so much for the licence!
You can see the film here:
brightie on 05/13/14 at 03:13AM
Hi Jason,

i really like your sailors Lament. Is there any way i can get it on itunes so i can put it on my ipod?
Kidkraft Kitchen on 10/17/14 at 08:23AM
This pair of albums really very cool!
chrisbroncos76 on 12/11/14 at 06:50PM
I love your stuff man. Thank you for the effort and hard work.
ATrovato on 05/06/15 at 10:54PM
You're phenomenal! Absolutely amazing!! I am so glad i stumbled upon your page!
Tommy Boy NYC on 08/07/15 at 07:58PM
I love your stuff too, Jason. Thanks for making your tunes available to us.
eriban on 11/20/15 at 11:52AM
Hi Jason,

Thanks for making your music freely available. I used your song Autumn Sunset as soundtrack for a 3D animation I created. It fits the animation very well. In case you are interested, you can find it here:

All the best!
ninjabeats on 01/28/16 at 01:45AM
Jamandra on 02/15/16 at 11:28PM
How beautiful.
Gruesse von Herzen
simsmikea on 08/20/16 at 03:56PM
I love Navajo Nights and have used it in a Youtube video. The track is 24 minutes and my video 12 so I have faded out. I would like to use the whole track on my website when it eventually gets going. I have credited you, the track, the album and FMA. Thanks for your generosity.
ABHIJITAPAUL on 09/13/16 at 05:44PM
Dear sir, I am used ur one solo acoustic music from YouTube which is copyright free, for my 3minutes film. And send it for a competition. But I have mentioned ur name n free music archive -youtube. I forgot to mention the link.because I was in hurry.
Plz guide me what to do n how to get the copyright certificate for that music.thank u sir.please email is...
davidleerendon67 on 04/21/17 at 09:53PM
McNito on 10/19/17 at 07:58PM
I used in this mobile game :)



Thanks :)
signet on 12/31/17 at 07:00PM
Hi Jason,

I am new to video creations and have used your music (Tech Talk) in one of my educational videos and have attributed the same to you.

Below is the link :

hope i have attributed correctly.

your music is great i loved it.

Thanks a lot for the same !!
astro303 on 03/30/18 at 05:14AM
Jason, love your music, its just perfect. If you would like a link to the little personal project I just did using one of your tunes would be happy to send it to you. Thanks and appreciate the ability to use quality music like yours for non profit projects!
MissBehexed on 10/30/18 at 03:15PM
I would love to use some of your songs in my YouTube videos. I am a desert parker and your music adds just the right amount of beauty. I will be sure to tag you in anything I use.
malfoy_lives on 06/18/19 at 07:53PM
Hello , Is there any email to contacts Jason Shaw?
juliabrown1966 on 06/28/19 at 04:58PM
Thank you
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