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Jan Strach, Poznań, Poland is a prolific musician / game developer / artist adhering to DIY and Lo-Fi philosophies in all his creations. Plagued by constant stream of new ideas, he has released over 50 albums, solo and in bands. Jan Strach's solo projects are Jan Strach, Akcja Zorganizowanej Przeciętności, Deftechhnixks, DLAMIAD, Everywhere Kingdom, Nhumbhrukh, poj.wlkp, Secrets Of The 45 - each demonstrating a different side of his schizophrenic musical personality. Jan Strach's bands are Projekt Luty, Momolot, Wuj Mietek. Jan Strach releases all of his music on his Underpolen netlabel at the pay-what-you-want rate. Creating since 1998 and releasing since 2003, he does not slow down, releasing between 4 and 6 albums every year.
Under his own name, Jan Strach has released 4 albums, all available at pay-what-you-want rate on his Bandcamp page.

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