James Ferraro

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James Ferraro is one half of The Skaters, one half of Lamborghini Crystal and the contemporary underground’s favourite alchemist.
He was born in Rochester, New York and is currently living in Venice Beach, California U.S.A. Underground musician/composer/virtual atmospherist producing small runs of releases on, but not limited to: cassette, CD-R, and VHS with a wide variety of styles all representing different dreams of a demonic mind tower spanning from freak flesh bodybuilder atmospheres to ambient modern world/psych. It appears Ferraro draws influence from many different places but best summed up by the quote, “I am Flintstones.”
“It’s important to know that James uses no samples in his music from other artists. He creates all of the sounds himself from scratch using old digital samplers/synths, weird keyboards, and stuff blending things together. Besides using some Beavis and Butthead straight off the T.V. I read in a italian magazine interview last week, it was cool to hear that because I was under the impression he sampled alot of his material, really adds a really cool dimension knowing that its all from scratch. he was being interviewed from his apartment in las vegas where poster size blow ups of Joan Rivers adorn the wall some time in september of last year. was asked about all the internet slamming and replied by saying he doesn’t mind what people think “I imagine most of the people contributing to it to have some inner turmoil they have to get out and it just manifest itself in that way, the way of shadow clowns,” and as far as it being information, the writing is so bad, so sometimes I cant help but interpret what I read as a reflection of their own self hate, the words dissolve and its just the energy behind it, which appears to be pretty dark, hopefully it doesn’t spread to far out of the arena,but it seems completely natural for communication to evolve into this’’ a lot of its okay with him though he goes on to say. he views it as ‘’a virtual cage of online persona crucifixions and those as “psychological throw downs” but he “loves a good roast’’ and if it makes some one feel good until the next inability to cope with reality puts them in front of the computer thats cool with him. also from an aesthetic point of view he thinks it’s really cool and makes it easier to understand t.v. shows like CSI LAS VEGAS and Survivor, it’s like watching the central brain of a world on autopilot, and its cool to be in there somewhere. and ended with saying ‘’some times when the rage travels outside of the fun house people should just pull their own plug but you gotta let everyone have their fun, it’s sadistic I love it!”