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 Jam Messengers (1 Albums, 8 Tracks)


LOCATION:Big Island, HI/ Sao Paulo, Brasil
  • Rob K: vocals
  • Marco Butcher: percussion, guitar, vocals
"Rob K and Uncle Butcher are on a Mission – nothing less than resuscitating the sorry carcass of rocknroll! This once proud music has been abandoned to angst ridden cry babies and buck hungry charletons. So when Marco sounded the alarm from Brazil, Rob stepped out of semi-retirement and back
into the trenches touring with Uncle Butcher and delivering The Message Of The Jam. With over six decades of musical experience between the two of them, Rob and Marco are natural bon vivants, top notch showmen and raging entertainers. Their stage presence is unique. Marco does the One Man Band thing to poly-rhythmic perfection while Rob roams the stage, the audience and the rafters spouting doggerel, practicing yoga and preaching the blues. They have taken Trash Blues to a newer, higher level – Trash Glam!" - Myspace