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First Contact by Jahzzar

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Viikinsaari is the name of a movie that does not exist. A love story, a drama in which water plays a key role: the lake, the sound of rain, a flood ... An encounter in a limit situation. But a situation that the players don't know. To watch how something can born while all around disappears. And viceversa (Spoiler?) It's a music poem and an imagination exercise for me and the listener. The realization of an idea that I've been going around: create a soundtrack from three or four ideas, from an imagined story. There is no "real" images; it's
the listener who must to put it with the little help of the sound. So intimate, so universal. Viikinsaari are small pieces for piano. And it's water. It is the piano that calls the shots through melodies and rhythms inspired by the sounds of water, in their ways, their reflections ... With string and wind arrangements that sound like whispers at times and other times explode in the ears leaving the piano in the background, like waves. A space for melancholy and contemplation. Influences: Nyman & Sakamoto, a weekend in Tampere, leaky faucets, the first cold days of fall, lakes, images with cold colours, Chopin preludes, wet clothes near the fireplace, broken umbrellas in a dustbin, Satie & Debussy, Tom Wait's Asylum Years...



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