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Released Nov 15, 2012
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For "Sunlight" I set out, so to speak, to take the sound-image idea to the extreme. It was all about creating music from pictures. So I opened the MIDI mapper and started to draw. In "Octopus" you get ships, a sunset over the sea and octopuses, of course. For "Weatherman" I put soundtracks for the clouds, for the sun, rain, hail, and even a snowman. In "She Loves" I drew hearts and in "Traffic" cars, signs and lights. With the appropriate sounds I got what I was looking for: a sound landscape that would get close to the images where it came from. I was only left with the main melodies to give it rhythmic sense to that, so arbitrary, noise background. I wanted music suitable to accompany projects, as always. But to also have strength by itself, so you could just listen to it like any other record from the shop. Nevertheless, I was aware the result might be neither one thing or the other. Looking at the final result I realized that yeah, it could be listened to :) Many times, the important thing is not how you say something. Not even to be able to say it. The really important thing is that it can be understood. Simple communication. And yes, it can be used as soundtrack for any kind of project. It is still images, it is still emotions. And at the end of the story, everything is all about love, hate, light and darkness, caos and order, noise and silence. Confrontation. That's what it is all about, isn't it?
Influences... Dawns, Animal Collective, Plastic Beach, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, William S. Burroughs, photos from the space, fractal sounds, wake up early in the morning, Kubrick, new age, sunset over the sea...