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CDDC by Jahzzar


01. Mantra (02:56)
02. Skills Pills (02:20)
03. Gramaphone (03:06)
04. Pure (04:06)
05. Dial (01:12)
06. Aisles (03:36)
07. Pho (02:14)
08. Books (03:12)
09. Siste Viator (01:58)
10. Deadpanned (04:34)
11. Drop Everything (01:04)
12. Glee Gross (02:24)
13. Dip (01:30)
14. Studie I (03:02)
15. Lullaby (01:10)
16. Foreigner (03:14)
17. Hmong (03:08)
18. Cavern (01:09)
20. Cloudz (02:39)
21. Owls (03:41)
22. Maresia (04:15)
23. Studie II (02:39)
24. Gloom (01:02)
25. XX (04:16)

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CodesAndNotes on 03/06/16 at 11:08AM
CDDC is mostly an ambient album, albeit with many influences from other genres (that bass from Maresia sounded very "jazz" to me!).
In many aspects, CDDC is way richer and more complex than, say, a Lee Rosevere production. Where Rosevere is soothing and relaxing, Jahzzar's album sometimes explores darker, stranger places that might make you nicely uncomfortable, only to bring you back to gentler moods the track after.
In that sense, CDDC is an involving ride that plays with you and your emotions the way a good movie does.
As such, I found Jahzzar's work to be deeply moving, an invitation to follow him in his mental travels.
An amazing piece of work. Highly recommended to ambient aficionados!
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