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 Jad Fair (1 Albums, 74 Tracks)


Jad Fair

My early years were spent in the small midwestern town of Coldwater Michigan. An awkward child, scruffy and a bit of a loner, I had many strikes against me, but I refused to give up. What I lacked in social skills I more than made up for in other areas of my development. I had a super human lust for the arts, and a thirst for knowledge that no amount of books, museums, or field trips could quench. To refer to oneself as a renaissance man, a visionary, and the new Bob Dylan comes across as being concieted and a bit of a braggart. Not being one to toot my own horn I'll leave it to others to chronical my life's work and you can reach your own conclusion.

"I care very little for my safety. I'm Here on a mission and I'll be damned if I allow anything to stand in my way." With these simple words I started (along with David Fair and David Stansky) what has now proven to be the quintessential power, punk, allstar, rock and roll band in the history of the universe. Half Japanese, the name itself is music. Too beautiful, too beautiful, too beautiful.

The solicitation of gifts is a vulgar thing and one that I refuse to stoop to. For that reason I request that my fans refrain from sending gifts more than 4 times in each given year. The size of the gift certainly is up to you. The only thing I would advise against is the sending of cash. It's never a good idea to send money through the mail. Always use checks and / or money orders. My mailing address is 15950 Decker Lake Road, Manor, TX. Times of the year when a gift might be most appropriate are: June 9th (my birthday), October 31st (Halloween), December 25th (Christmas), and March 20th (the first day of spring).



Single Tracks

Aint This (02:12)
Aplle Pie (03:03)
Apple Pear (00:57)
Come On (03:41)
Go Ahead (01:41)
I'm A Fan (02:03)
LaLaLaHa (01:36)
Last night (02:39)
More (03:04)
Not No (03:15)
On And On (03:36)
Soda Pop (03:11)
With Me (04:18)
YaYaYa (01:43)
You Got It (02:09)
You Got Me (01:05)


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