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OPLC (part 1) by Jackson Moore

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© 2014 Hyla Skopitz
© 2014 Hyla Skopitz
   Denman Maroney • Piano       Dave Ruder • Clarinet Edward Schneider • Alto Saxophone    Jackson Moore • Alto Saxophone  Jonathan Moritz • Tenor Saxophone      Josh Sinton • Bass Clarinet James Ilgenfritz • Contrabass        Jay Rozen • Tuba In Jackson Moore's OPLC, improvisers distributed throughout a chosen terrain form a 'complex adaptive system', a type of non-linear dynamic structure found in brains, ecosystems, markets, social networks, and wherever complex global behavior emerges from simple interactions between local agents. Phase oscillations between a poorly connected interaction network and a well connected interaction network disrupt homeostasis and trigger the evolution of modular anatomies. In
the poorly connected network state, propagation of musical stimuli are constrained to local subsystems, which then have an opportunity to stabilize into robust modules that persist during subsequent highly connected states. The structure of this anatomy can take vary unpredictably given different initial conditions, meaning that every performance leads to different and unexpected consequences. (again) against/because..., by Edward Schneider, is a ceremony for two saxophonists working as centripetal counterweights, inspired by the Sama tradition of the Sufis.



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