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Jaan Patterson and Friends - 'The Interviews' Vol.1

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Jaan Patterson and Friends - 'The Interviews' Vol.1
Jaan Patterson and Friends - 'The Interviews' Vol.1
Producer: Jaan Patterson
Jaan Patterson & Friends - The InterviewsReleased 18. April 2015 by suRRism-Phonoethics (sPE_0200) Exquisite Corpse Cover A (1, 2 ,3) by:Vol.1 by Bernard Dumaine/Immy SmithVol.2 Bernard Dumaine/Janelle McKainVol.3 Bernard Dumaine/Ton HaringCover B Painting by Bernard Dumaine This compilation is based on cut-up samples that had been arranged by Jaan Patterson. Taken from Interviews of the following humans: Anthony Donovan, Francis Bacon, Frank Zappa, Georges Bataille, Gilles Deleuze, Jean Cocteau, Marcel Duchamp, Noam Chomsky, Paul Éluard, William S. Burroughs. Artists included, alphabetical order:(*on the compilations Artists appear in random order.) A.H. ForkAG Davis{AN} EeLAnal SadistAnthony DonovanAnthony OsborneAntonio de BragaArco EnarmonicoArs SonorArsenic
StrychnineBernard DumaineBerthelotBreathing SpaceBryan Lewis SaundersCandlegravityChris Silver TCrank SturgeondatewithdeathDer Domestizierte MenschDixie TreichelDongle DocFake Cats ProjectGX Jupitter-LarsenHaiiYuukoHopek QuirinIgor AmokianThe Implicit OrderIONJ. A. P.Jared BaloghJeanette LuchesJim SeborJochen ArbeitJoseph SzymkowiakJuan Angel ItalianoJukka-Pekka KervinenKontroljetLee KwoLeif ElggrenLezetLudo Mich & Koen BoydenMann RacketMarisa Wildwood & Gabe MoonMauro SamboMiquel PareraMr EmutanT.R.I.Odor BabyOsvaldo CibilsPhilippe PetitQkcofseRonny WærnesRuelaSeiei JackSimon MathewsonSound VoiceSubversive IntentionssuRRismTeleg.Thomas HavlikTon HaringUnion FurnaceUwe MoellhusenViirgiileVladimír HirschWilliam Davison Thanks to ALL collaborators as well to the Free Music Archive, WFMU, The Internet Archive & In Memory of John Peel Show (Zaph Mann).http://freemusicarchive.orghttps://wfmu.orghttps://archive.org Bernard Dumaine: McKain: Haring: http://www.tonharing.nlImmy Smith: *The random order was simply approached by setting 1 list of the tracks in alphabetical order, then incrementally adding from this list 1, one by one to the 3 volumes lists. Download the compilation from the IA including 320K MP3 incl. Covers & Infos(mirror 1 | mirror 2)


UPLOADED: 04/18/2015

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