The Sins of Science

J.G. Hackett

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Released Dec 18, 2014
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Following recent Vulpiano Records single Bootleg Romanticism, here comes J.G. Hackett with his first album for the label in 3 years. The Sins of Science is designed to be as overproduced as possible. My inspiration for this was Tears for Fears’ 1989 album The Seeds of Love, which has always been one of my absolute favourites. The album is packed with glossy, infectious tunes that could all be potential radio hits. Indeed, the opener “Shadow Torture” is full of the kind of pomp you would expect from such a description, cinematic and glorious. "Our Last Chance" is wistful and more than a little Manic Street Preachers Lifeblood era-esque. “A Higher State” is mystical, a kind of neo-psychedelic, twinkling Talk Talk. “Feel the Pain” has an unusual structure, with a haunting and driving bassy riff repeating throughout despite the up-beat nature of the instrumentation otherwise - the lyrics tell the story properly: “You played with knives too often to care You build your soul with none to share You fade into the gray We’re never gonna make it - alright?” - while "Breaking" is a sweet and melodic bright piano tune. “The Sins of Science” appears to be a call to question faith and devotion, and appeal to reality and sonically a great representation bringing together the whole of the album. The Sins of Science closes with “Homecoming”, a warm and sentimental piece. All in all, the album is an incredible release from an independent artist and I am honored to have J.G. Hackett as part of the Vulpiano roster. Further details on the tracks from J.G. Hackett: 1. Shadow Torture: This piece reflects on the difficulties of coping with internal pain and anxiety while trying to maintain an outer aura of competence - “I want nothing more than a stable mind, tired of waiting for justice". 2. Bootleg Romanticism: This song is all about my failed adolescent attempts at writing art-pop with a friend - “and all our architects and axioms could never make us whole”. 3. Our Last Chance: One of the defining traits of adults is a lack of ability to stop and appreciate the moment. The importance of realising that the present will never come again is the main theme of this song. “This could be our final time, let’s get it right together and keep away the shadows of forever.“ 4. Higher State: A mood piece reflecting the tumultuous state of our minds - the various states we can experience, sometimes within the space of a few minutes (or in this case, around 5 minutes!). 5. Feel The Pain: “You won’t stop to feel the pain, you never tried to explain”. This number covers the hurt and questioning that follows the end of a friendship. 6. Breaking: This piece is all about mental illness - “everything inside you is breaking”. 7. The Sins Of Science: One man’s questioning of his religious upbringing. Who’s responsible? The Sins of Science! “They are yours”. 8. Homecoming: My wife and I have a shared ambition to move to the country and enjoy peace, space and tranquility. This song is a heartfelt exploration of that desire.