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Window Spirits

Album Description

JD Parran: double wooden flutes; bass saxophone; clarinet; alto flute and mbira "This recorded solo performance, Window Spirits, manifests memories, dreams and feelings expressed in my life through music. Here, on this plain called life, we can experience existence on level ground with the ancestors." -JD Parran J.D. represents the
ideal performer of my music. He combines a profound understanding of the composer's intention with an expressive individual voice that is both nuanced and dramatic. - Anthony Davis This truly wonderful new release by JD Parran, performing solo, was recorded live at the Kampo Cultural Center. The event was a celebration of Parran's 50 years of music making. For a composer and performer who has played for so long and with so many people this solo CD -- luminous, lyrical, and difficult -- is long-overdue. Playing a variety of instruments, Parran focuses on improvisations of the moment: visions of his solo compositions developed during his years of creative music work. He also takes the opportunity to perform works by Anthony Davis and James Jabbo Ware, composers who have written for Parran and featured his instrumental voice in their music.



Window Spirits
UPLOADED: 08/03/2010

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