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The ITALIAN DUB COMMUNITY was created on february 2006, from the idea of Saltyman and Well Jahdgement, and it aimsto joint together the italian fans of roots music and dub music in a forum hosted on In the course of time, the community has been grown more and more, including among its italian and foreign users: soundboys,producers, singers, collectors, sound technicians and so on.
In the forum hosting the community there are all kind of discussions, about technical curiosity, events in Italy and all over the world. You can find also a Little Market, photos, videos, music, last discographic works, interviews, reviews and also a radio: Radio Dubb Inna House, broadcasting on mondays from 21:30 to 23:30 on . Since the very beginning, the community has shooted for various and challenging goals, such as the production and selling of t-shirts and cute hats of the forum (dub militant) for financing the DUB IT! project, a series of events that will be useful to promote the roots reggae music and the dub music made in Italy through the sound system culture.
There are more other goals on the go: a fanzine, a cd containing our dub productions in order to make the virtual community more real, a transformation marked by the meetings of the dubbers that are part of it, all over the peninsula.
Among the forum users there are several examples of artistic collaborations and of mutual support in the variuos project, proving that COOPERATION, NO COMPETITION can be the real solution to the several problems that we live in the world of reggae nowadays. Come and see our forum and book you in for widening more and more this interesting DUB COMMUNITY!
- Italian Dub Community