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Band Introductions - Love of My Woman by Iron Metal

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Iron Metal
Iron Metal
I was reading a while back about this guy called Mingering Mike who, back in the 70s, created a whole fictional recording career for himself and his friends. He hand-painted album covers and disc labels and recorded a cappella cassettes of his original compositions. It got me thinking back to
my own imaginary music career, as Yugoslavian heavy metal singer/guitarist Jim Rock, leader of the band Iron Metal. The germ of the idea was formed during repeated viewings of a videotaped nightclub performance by the Swiss heavy metal band Krokus, a program shown innumerable times on the fledgling USA network during 1982. By December of that year, I had developed a minor obsession with the show, especially frontman Mark Storace's mangled attempts at stereotypical heavy metal between-song patter ("See this little shitty newspaper bit? The Brooklyn Zoo rocks tonight!") After watching it with my best friend, Tim, we hit on the idea of forming our own imaginary metal band. The idea was to be from an even less likely country of origin than Switzerland, so we made our "band" natives of Yugoslavia and gave them the cleverly redundant name Iron Metal.



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