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 Invisible Sports (2 Albums, 3 Tracks)


  • Aaron Moore
Aaron Moore is an Englishman residing in Brooklyn, New York who plays music with instruments & devices. His primary instruments are drums, voice & trumpet but he generally considers any instrument (or object) playable in one way or another. Moore is a founding member of English experimental music group Volcano
The Bear. Formed in May, 1995 VTB have been critically acclaimed as one the leading lights in experimental music. A music consisting of both composition & improvisation, a music difficult to describe but one that is always seeking change & taking new directions both accidentally & on purpose. In a 2006 article on the group the Wire magazine described them as “producing some of the finest, wildest British music of the last 10 years on record & on stage”.   Moore’s debut solo album, 2005’s “The Accidental” recorded in Leicester, England was a minimal work primarily using one acoustic instrument per track to create drones, loops and soundscapes. “The Accidental” was described by Foxy Digitalis as “….graceful as a ripple in fresh water, or as a snowfall on a particularly cold January morning”.   Since moving to Brooklyn in late 2006, Moore has been developing his solo work under the name Invisible Sports in a number of ways using drums, voice, melodic percussion, trumpet, tapes & loops. From songs based around said melodic percussion & multi-tracked voice to sprawling epics of progressive looping & ritualistic improvisation. In 2008 he performed his first solo concert in Oslo, Norway followed by shows in France & New York.   This spring sees the release of two Invisible Sports albums. 'The Future Tastes' on Alt Vinyl is the home for his song based work. 'Ow Pow Hero Hour' for Intransitive Recordings is a document of live recordings of his improvised sonic rituals recorded in Boston and Brooklyn.   Moore has appeared on over 40 albums with various groups & toured extensively in North America & Europe; performing at such prestigious venues as the Pompidou Centre in Paris. He has collaborated/performed with Boredoms, A Hawk & A Hacksaw, UK improvisers Paul Dunmall & Mark Sanders, Canadian film maker Michael Snow, Bill Drummond, Swedish sax man Mats Gustaffson, Argentinian guitarist Alan Courtis, C Spencer Yeh, Thierry Muller, Tom Recchion, Nightingales and Steve Mackay (The Stooges).   Moore’s other musical projects past & present include Wizards Of Oi, Müller-Moore-Music, Dragon Or Emperor, Amolvacy, Courtis/Moore, Songs Of Norway and Paris based Textile Orchestra/Trio.      

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