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Dixmore Illinois feat. FATNICE by Infinito 2017

Album Description

This album is the combination of all the frustration and disrespect collected from making music and dealing with a biased american stress and love in the life of INFINITO: 2017. Roddney Dangrr Fild is a metaphor for not being respected. The recording of this album took place in Memphis Tennessee
at The Infamous Trained Midget Studios under the guidence of enginneer Mr. Skurge. Roddney Dangrr Fild is a compilation of all the diffrent experiences of INFINITO:2017 during a 2 year span in the same realistic process that created the character that is INFINITO:2017. Production on Roddney Dangrr Fild is handled by Memo from the Molemen, DJ Waht and Mr. Skurge for Filthy F. Fingatips, Thaione Davis of Birthwrite records, Hong Kong recordings and I.T. fame, Kenny Keys of Eulorhythmics, FATNICE of the group 84,Mixx Massacre of MIH,DUSTY A, Kevin Fountain the FORM (Fountain Of Raw Material), Mr. Mind of Record Playas, DJ 5ifth Element who Dj's for Dailey Plannet of All Natural inc and DJ Doc West of Single Minded Pros.Vocal guest include Insight of Electric and Brick records, Soul Child from M.O.S., Fat Nice of 84 and Psalm one of rhymesayers and birthwrite records. -from Domination Recordings



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