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Chansons Tristes by Infecticide

Album Description

Released:January 25th, 2014

For its 24th release, Da! Heard It Records indulges in a wild irony doped with the borne absurdity of the three Infecticide trolls. With “Chansons Tristes” (“Sad Songs”), the trio proposes a first album, impossible to classify according to any musical catalog.

As an anthology of a five-year infected epic, “Chansons Tristes” takes us through the whims of its cold rhythms, distended synths, hopping basses, and crude and dirty riffs—a rare and jarring mix carried by a remarkable attention, where voice, keyboard, drums, and electric guitar harmonize to create a peculiarly offsetting universe.

Fifteen pieces with neo-Dadaist lyrics will leave speechless all spirit unable to go beyond the first degree and enrapture personalities in a displacing way. With its soft references to Liaisons Dangereuses, Detroit Grand Pubahs, or Front 242, the production’s finesse will caress the pointiest ears all the whilst (festively) readjusting the pointiest hats—dark and festive humor thus serving serious matters.

In addition to excelling in the production of these aural jewels dotted with electro-punk-wave sonorities, the three Infecticide lads distinguish themselves even more with their scenic presence (and cosmic costumes), which will motivate the jaded and depressed nobody in the back of the room to come closer to the stage and exchange sweat and liberating cries. Cathartic.

“Chansons Tristes,” Da ! Heard It Records’ 24th release is distributed under Creative Commons license BY-NC-ND. The album may be downloaded at the following address:


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Chansons Tristes
01. Comme une gomme (03:55)
02. Let me shave (03:46)
03. Partytime (05:33)
04. Baby belle (04:30)
06. Schönen ball (04:18)
07. Dans mes rêves (05:34)
09. Chanson triste (04:53)
11. Pizza Spinoza (03:06)
12. Mourir c'est nul (03:23)
13. Boys band (04:53)
14. Supermale (03:23)
15. Lo que quiero (05:08)

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