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 Infecticide (2 Albums, 28 Tracks)


LOCATION:France, Paris
The trio first met at a friendly Scrabble evening in the countryside. Heavy in triple-word scores and assumed neologisms, the three rascals and their mischievous verbs finally got along to found the “Neo-neologisms for subversive Scrabble” association, an avant-garde innovative concept they proposed at the FFSc. They were met with
rejection for “regulatory aberration” and “non-compliance to traditions.” Disappointed and disillusioned, they begun to discharge their pain in deliciously infected compositions: Infecticide was born. Infecticide brandished the absurd at the service of the serious. An ingeniously handled second degree with influences as diverse as the military frigidity of Front 242 and Liaisons Dangereuses, or the festive exuberance of Detroit Grand Pubahs and the Beastie Boys. A sharp and efficient electro-punk wave with neo-Dadaist texts for an unclassifiable mixture that is as grating as it is jarring.

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