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 Inefficient Screws (1 Albums, 13 Tracks)


LOCATION:Berlin, Germany
  • Markus Steidl
  • Daniel Kroneberg
  • Sebastian Arnold
  • Dirk Lücken
  • Benjamin Arntz
  • Julia Kotowski
  • Eymelt Sehmer
  • Ariane Greiner
  • Likeartoise
  • Sebastian Arnold
  • The Benja Men
  • Orchestre Miniature In The Park
Inefficient Screws are a Berlin based conglomerate of musicians around the songwriter Markus Steidl. The small lofi-orchestra performs on stage with up to 12 people playing guitars, ukulele, melodica, violin, cello, organ and drums.Members include Markus Steidl (vocals and acoustic guitar), Daniel Kroneberg (electric guitar, a.o. Likeartoise), Dirk Lücken (bass) and Benjamin Arntz (ukulele and mandolin, a.o. Orchestre Miniature in the Park). The multi-instrumentalists Julia Kotowski (entertainment for the braindead) and Sebastian Arnold (mad scientist drummer) are also immensely involved in the band's live concerts and recording process (Box Fort, 2009 and Advertitis, 2011).

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