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In[Perfektion] is a music project that had its beginning in 2005 and is composed by two former members of the already extinct band Twilight Garden. They recorded their first work, entitled In[Perfektion] in the same year, in which Closure obtained such good feedback, that it was included in several radio playlists, both in Portugal and Germany (Ultra Dark Radio, for example). They made their first interview in the same year, this being published both in Sol de Pedra magazine and In 2006, the band has finished their second work, entitled Evilution, in which making they could count on the help of Gonçalo Vasco (in the production) and Eden Synthetic Corps, who made a great remix of the track Evilution. In 2009 they released their third album through Hesperus Records. In 2012 they finish their fourth album title Monsters.

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