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2017/2018 by InO - Magali Albespy

Album Description

Released:October 19th, 2018

InO is the acronym for “Interpenetration and non-Obstruction”, one of the principles that John Cage used to create music that was anarchic (against the structures of most of musical traditions) and in the same time encouraging new possibilities of coexistence. Magali Albespy, a french artist rooted in dance and performance, took inspiration from this for a methodology of real time composition dance practice focused on sound. “2017-2018” is made of excerpts of the sessions recorded during the first year of these weekly events.

These recordings can be considered as documents of this practice. Indeed they are such documents, especially for people who were involved in the sessions. But we think that they also have a fragile and surprising beauty of their own that deserve an independent life for your listening. This unexpected musicality has been discreetly stressed by the editing choices, which we can consider like a delicate work of “a posteriori composition”, a work made with respect for the uniqueness of each sound event and their kind of abstract narrative power. That’s why we hope that you will enjoy these atypical works.



01. 23 janvier (09:11)
02. 6 février (08:21)
03. 15 février (09:36)
04. 4 mars (06:31)
05. 29 mars (03:04)
06. 12 avril (03:16)
07. 15 mai - 6 mars (10:40)
08. 22 avril (03:22)
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