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- Impromeeting is a meeting place for the improvisation of sound artists from different artistic disciplines where they offer their live shows as a form of collaboration, experimentation and fun.- Impromeeting accommodates musicians and non-musicians, narrators, poets, electronics, sound art, djing, turntablism or any other form of creating sound and noise from the point of view of experimental music.- Impromeeting aims to promote sound and musical improvisation as a way of understanding live performances and music experiences.- Impromeeting attaches importance to the risk and chance assumed by the participants when they improvise.- Impromeeting is organised by Mauri (producer, artist and dj). Its first event was on 19th August, 2010 in  Gijón (Spain) with 4 artists from different musical styles (were first improvising in pairs, and ended up playing all together).- Impromeeting facilitates the registration to participate via internet.* Elías Merino (with a computer, an electronic violin, a glass container with insects inside, and a customized radio).Cucumber man (with a computer).Galgo (with a guitar and sampler).Mauri (with an elastic band in a turntable, a sampler, and a pair of amplifier pastilles).

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