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Composition For Tape, Organ, Drum Machine by Monosov/Swirnoff

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Cover of the LP Version
Cover of the LP Version
Cover of the Box Set Version
Cover of the Box Set Version
"Psychedelic drone sounds, experimental electro-acoustics, minimal music and deep listening from the years 2000 - 2007 by Ilya Monosov, who is a member of the Frogpeak artist collective and one-half of the psychedelic noise group The Shining Path and the improv duo Monosov/Swirnoff. Ilya Monosov has collaborated with Bob Cobbing,
Charles Curtis, Duane Pitre, Marc Schulz (in Ben Patterson's installation at the 40th Anniversary of Fluxus), Larry Polansky, Andrew Deutsch (with Pauline Oliveros) and Preston Swirnoff. Recommended for fans of Joe Jones, Takehisa Kosugi, John Cage, and Terry Riley. Limited and numbered edition of 250 copies, comes with discography insert, postcard and stamped inner sleeve. The boxset, limited to 50 copies, includes an extensive booklet about his visual works, a CDR with sound-files and videos, a handmade artwork by Monosov and several other inserts. Sounds and visuals can be downloaded here."



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