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 Igor Krutogolov & Kenji Siratori (1 Albums, 8 Tracks)


  • Igor Krutogolov, Kenji Siratori
  • Kruzenshtern & Parohod, Igor Krutogolov Karate Band
Igor Krutogolov — Israeli composer and musician, participates in a large amount of musical projects, such as collaborations with Chaos as Shelter, Bastard Noise, Agnivolok, Tidal, Crossfishes, NJD and others. He is also founder of projects as Kruzenshtern & Parohod, Igor Krutogolov Karate Band (a mini big band plays grind-core,
black metal, rock-n-roll and tango on toy instruments) and others, wrote the soundtrack for the animated film Wardrobe by Japanese directors Yamamoto Hiromi & Takayuri Iwasawa and scored a theatre performance by famous Israeli director Igor Berezin. (Info from Kenji Siratori is a Japanese cyberpunk author and internet self-promoter. He first gained attention in 2006 by writing to as many industrial, ambient, EBM and goth bands he could find, including "reviews" of them in his idiosyncratic style, and asking to collaborate. His scattergun approach proved successful, despite his reviews of non-sequitirs and non-sensical cyberspeak being interchangeable, and a slew of collaborations from flattered musicians were soon foisted upon the world. (Info from